vacuum services

list of services:

- Vacuuming/Cleaning
                    - Septic Tanks
       - Holding Tanks
                    - Grease Traps
- Drain Cleaning/Flushing
- Sump Pit Maintenance
- Tank Removal/Repair
- Pipe Repair/Replacement

- Oil Spills
- Fuel Spills
- Tank Removal
- Flood Cleanup
- Environmental Cleanup
- Liquid Waste Removal
- Carwash Catch Basins



DNM Environmental provides customers with dependable and professional service by supplying Vacuum units operated by professionally trained and skilled field service operators, certified for safe work procedures, hazard recognition and assessment and safe driving policies.

All units are certified to meet regulations throughout British Columbia. Our trucks with steel tanks are capable of transporting approximately 13m3 of product. All production units are equipped with 4" and 6" load valves that are certified air actuated spring-applied safety valves providing diverse capabilities. A pressure compensated hydraulic system controls the blower, minimizing froth and over-pressure situations and fully isolated vacuum tanks allow for transportation of any material safe from leakage and spills. All of our units are equipped with emergency safety shutoffs for the truck engine, load valves and isolation systems.

DNM Environmental is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality of service using dependable, high-performance equipment operated by professionally trained and skilled operators.

Regardless of your project’s scope or location, DNM Environmental has the experience, personnel, and equipment to get the job done safely and efficiently.

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